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Friday, March 1, 2013

Status Report

Lots and lots of new stuff in the pipeline is coming up. More info will be made available as plans are solidified.  The bottom line is that our local Tribe is THRIVING like never before. Lots of new, risky, exciting and thoroughly innovative events and concepts are coming that will only make our community stronger. 

We are now at the point where we are taken much more seriously, and we are seen as the Admirable Men of the larger community.  We are loved and welcomed wherever we go. Businesses seek us out, wanting our good will. Other communities want to work with us, leaders want to ally themselves with us, and other local and worldwide groups are studying our efforts in order to try them out as well.

We continue to astonish the other Tribes in the major cities of the world with how MUCH we get done. More and more folks are seeing San Diego's successes as the model to emulate. When our local champions travel to other cities ANYWHERE, they are treated like rock gods. They are begged for insider information on how San Diego is getting so much accomplished.

It's an amazing team effort, with more and more new leaders and volunteers finding their groove together. Our brothers are gaining confidence and experience, on an interpersonal level and on a public level. On a kinky level, we are gaining more and more and MORE "cocky Tops," who are actively learning new techniques (and the underlying philosophy that makes the fun happen). I think that we can agree that every thriving community needs lots of those.

On a personal level, I am doing a lot of coaching with men who are actively growing and gaining wisdom by the day.  Their biggest problem is that they are having to deal with enormous amounts of admiration, approval and lusty invitations in quantities that they have never encountered before. If you have to have problems, excessive popularity one of the better ones.

Photo courtesy of the Leather Journal

You're getting the idea - We now have many, many more good choices than we had just a few years ago. Rather than settling down and getting into a nice, comfy rut, we are going to be shaking things up on a regular basis. This is going to be very fun!

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