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Friday, March 8, 2013

Review of Puppy Night, March 2013

Photos by Papa Tony (crappy iPhone) and Scott Donald of (really great equipment) - You can see (and download) his entire series of photos here.

The crew from Volgur was attending, 
promoting their new line of shirts for kinky men.
The birthday cake was great!

First of all, this event was designed as a 28th birthday party for our own Dayton O'Connor… publicized as a Birthday Debauchery. Well, it certainly was INTENSE, for sure:

After a good year and a half of close observation, I can definitely speak for Dayton's leadership skills. The party was well-planned, he directed the crowd with skill and charisma, and he debuted his hand-made fire-hydrant/beer dispenser to suit the theme of Puppy Night. The process of making it may be seen here.

Mr. San Diego Eagle 2013 Robb Rodd was bartending, wearing his new Volgur t-shirt.  I asked him to swivel his titleholder medal around, which explains the black "collar".

Puppy Night at the Eagle has changed quite a bit since the last time I was there (months and months ago).  First of all, it was a strikingly attractive crowd of young, boisterously frisky men, jammed into that tiny bar. I felt like a chunk of Prime Beef in a shark tank, and I don't usually get that feeling. I must have been hugged at least seventy times.  Evidently, Puppies like big hairy Daddies! Who knew?

I see myself as a Grandpa for the community, so I wasn't there to "interview new talent", but if that had been my goal, it would have been no problem at all. I know at least ONE talent-scout for a local porn-video studio was working the crowd last night. He must have been having an easy time of it, because those boys are CUTE.

Gift items were raffled off, entertaining things were said and done, and the evening fairly flew by.  You know those times where you show up to an event, and you want to chew off one of your limbs because  it's so BORING?  Well, this was the OPPOSITE.  It was endlessly fun, sociable, friendly as all hell, and the woofing and howling continued through the night.  Those puppies get boisterous!

Every time that Dayton spoke to the crowd, the men went went SILENT. As in, really silent. That takes an enormous amount of force of personality. Charisma. He's got bucket loads of personal magnetism, and he uses it casually.

Yes, that is a wagging Puppy Tail, 
and you'll NEVER GUESS how it is attached! 
Incidentally, it is VERY RUDE (and painful) to yank a Puppy Tail. Don't do it!

In honor of Dayton's birthday, I was invited to flog him with an INTENSE playtoy.  You know the dog-tags that military folks wear, with the metal beaded chain?  Now imagine that exact same metal chain, in multiple strands, with a wooden handle. Dayton's birthday wish was to experience this highly-advanced device at my hands.

I warmed him up with my regular Mop Flogger (soft and thuddy - no sting whatsoever), and worked him up to the hardcore metal flogger.

He never flinched, not even once.

He handled it superbly, but I made him EARN every bit of his newfound Heavy Player status.

After I had taken him as far as I felt was necessary, I requested that our photographer Scott Donald come closer for the "Money Shot".  I rarely "rough up" somebody's skin when I play with them for the first time.

However, since Dayton was now rosy-red from the intense flogging, I ordered him to lay flat on the ground, and asked my good friend Brian (who had the right kind of boot-soles) to step HARD on Dayton's back. It took a few tries, but we got the Ultimate Shot for Dayton's Memory Book, showing the white boot-print on a red, red back.

He earned it, and he should have a "trophy" keepsake so he can brag later on with his friends.  I do this a LOT.

In conclusion, this was how things work, when they are planned out well. Dayton did the necessary work beforehand, and it SHOWED. The whole evening went like a well-oiled machine of pure entertainment. I was proud to be a part of it!

I will be demonstrating "Spanking and Paddling" this upcoming Red Hanky Night at the Eagle, starting at 10PM on Thursday, March 14th.  If you're interested, just march right up to me and say so!

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