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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Upcoming Events

Good news: Aaron did NOT need to have his appendix out. It was some other darned thing, no doubt as a result of his being in a car-crash last week. He's sore, but healing!

Speaking as somebody who has been around a LONG time, I'm here to tell you that our local Tribe is  a very, very healthy one.  We have SO many choices, and so many of them are excellent. Even if you chose to attend only ONE of the events this week, you wouldn't go wrong:

SOMEBODY had to be the Practice Dummy!

- Tonight (Tuesday), March 5, 7PM : Hands-On Demo Night at the Eagle, at 3040 North Park Way. I will be handing out free two-DVD data disk sets that contain 220 Bondage instructional videos by Two Knotty Boys.  I've downloaded the free videos, and converted them from nasty, obsolete Flash video format to MPEG4, which any iPhone, Android or iPad can play. Why is this important?  Because you can stop, rewind a bit, and go "Oh - THAT's where I screwed up!"  You don't have to learn all 220 techniques - Just pick one that pleases you, practice-practice-practice, and then thrill the hell out of everybody when you show off your stuff!

Even during the ten-minute Bio Break, we can't stop bonding as friends!

- Wednesday, March 6, 7PM: Men's Discussion. The topic tonight is "Please Understand Me". It'll be an unusual discussion, but a very useful and meaningful one. There will be laptops and an iPad in full use, along with a printer! Of all of our discussions so far, this one has the highest likelihood of transforming your life in a joyful way.

Wednesday, March 6, 10PMDayton's Birthday Debauchery - It's pretty heavily-promoted, and they are expecting a crowd.

Public debut of the Puppy Play Fire Hydrant. No, it's not a cake: Click here.

I will DEFINITELY be there, with my toys, since I have been invited to do so.  I will be on the JOB all night long, celebrating 36 years in the Leather Community!

- Thursday, March 7, 10PM: Yellow Hankies Night at the Eagle, at 3040 North Park Way.

- Friday, March 8, 10PM: HARNESS PARTY at Numbers Bar, at 3811 Park Blvd. This event is getting much, MUCH bigger all of a sudden. It's continuing to be a fully Tribal-endorsed event, with a strong brotherhood vibe.  If there is something you want to try, march right up to one of us and ask nicely.  You will get your wish!

Our Virtual Host, James in Afghanistan. James is working out a LOT, 
since he has no social life, with no days off, ever.
Who wants to welcome him home properly in July?

- Saturday, March 9, 7PM onward, starting at Baja Betty's, at 1421 University AveGear Invasion of Mo's Universe.  This is something radically new, that only young, vibrantly-creative folks could have thought of. The concept: Many of us have gear, such as harnesses or other fetishwear. Why not wear it to NON-leather bars and in between, representing how our Tribe has grown and gained so much happiness? Basically, we are being "Titleholders for the Night", showing the larger community how friendly, brotherly and HOT we are: joyful, diverse and stable brothers in a Tribe that is all about mutual support. We will be continuing the dream of our brother James, who started the ball rolling before he got yanked overseas.


  1. My Original Comment - Since Deleted:

    Wearing gear to other places isn't a new thing at all. It wasn't started by James, I and many other people had been doing it long before he showed up. I always complimented him on wearing gear out... since I rarely ever saw any. Might want to give credit where it is due. Heck, I even tried to start a gear group here in San Diego - no one showed. I always go out in gear - I can't say that about anyone else here. Kinda sad you ignore those that really do make an effort and do care. You just treat them like crap instead.

    Response via e-mail from esteemed "Papa Tony":

    Michael, please - get over your whiny-ass self.

    I started doing events like this in 1978. Men did it long before that.

    I am promoting this event JUST as much as I promoted yours, and Zach's. My hope is that this one will turn out bigger and better, because neither Aaron nor James is a WHINY-ASS TITTY BABY like you and Zach.

    Karma has a way of showing up. When you spend every spare moment being evil, and petulant, then it's no fucking wonder that nobody likes you. You're a walking disease at every event - People come up to me and say "What's WRONG with that guy over there?" and I always know who they mean.

    I say "Oh, that's just Nancy - She's angry because she can't get laid". Then, we have a nice laugh, and forget all about you.

    You're a JOKE in the community. You just haven't figured it out yet. I don't think that you ever will.

    You're not smart, or observant, or self-aware.

    You're just MEAN. You're getting what you deserve.

    Why do you still infest public events? You need to stay under your bridge, troll.

  2. I don't know Tony or Michael B but I know James. I like James and because of him I would like to go to more leather events.

    If you tried to do a similar event and no I one goes to it then maybe Tony is right maybe your attitude repeals people more than they attract people. You can't say that he's treating people like crap when I see Tony advertising other events and praising their efforts.

    obviously James didn't start any leather trend, he's like 30 something. But if he revives old traditions or has new ideas for them then I'm all for it. I'm not a leather guy but I am interested in the culture / fetish. So see you guys Thursday :)

  3. Thanks for making my point for me!