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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Get Your Feet and Legs Measured for Free!

If you're going to be in San Francisco for Dore Alley OR Folsom Street Fair:

Booted men are STRONGLY urged to visit Stompers all weekend during the Street Fairs, because the official guy from either Dehner Boots or Wesco will be doing FREE measurements of legs and feet, and storing the measurements.

Why is this important? Perhaps many of you can buy off-the-shelf boots, and they will fit just fine. However, someday you might want some custom-made, extra-kinky boots, or maybe you have large calves like I do (technically, when calves are this big, they are officially "steers").

You CAN'T get your legs and feet measured in your local boot stores any more. Too much wastage from improper measurements, and no vendor is willing to take on the problems of rejected boots.  When I had my last pair of custom boots made a couple of years ago, we had to go through the self-measurement rigamarole at my house FOUR TIMES, with my boy struggling to do it accurately.  Even so, the first pair delivered didn't fit right.  What a mess.

It's a great idea to get the danged measurements DONE and finished. Your numbers are then stored at Dehner or Wesco headquarters.  It's free, as opposed to having to buy a $99 home measurement kit (refunded with purchase of custom boots).

The Stompers patio party is from noon to six on Sunday during the Street Fair. Don't bother trying to get in without wearing boots!

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