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Friday, July 26, 2013

Upcoming Events

As always, check the FMSD monthly calendar-at-a-glance
which contains news about ALL known upcoming events. 
Be sure to click on "More Info" to get the best details!

• Short newsletter today, since I'm flying off to San Francisco for the "Up Your Alley Street Fair".  It USED to be called the "Dore Alley Street Fair", which is why us old guys still call it that.

• If I were to be staying in town, I would DEFINITELY be heading out to tonight's special HARNESS Party. See below for details.

• If you volunteered at the Leather Realm this year, please check out Sunday, August 4th's listing below.

• It's NOT too early to start making plans for the International Mr. Leather 2014 contest weekend in Chicago!

LeatherSir Ron says: For those of you who have NOT purchased your tickets for the Mr. San Diego Leather contest weekend... you have one more week remaining for early bird prices before the slight increase.

Dangilo says: Fellas, THANK YOU for coming out to LLBEAR this month...The BEEF have taken the night back!...We go big every 3rd Saturday. August's theme: UNIFORM/MILITARY.

Note from Tony: I was there - It was seriously sizzling, and men in gear are thoroughly in the mix.  My favorite part is how WELL-RUN this event has become since this team has taken over.  San Diego has shifted from a bunch of random and rare events, to a laser-focused epitome of leaders who know what the heck they are doing! I just wish I wasn't so damned old - I turned into a pumpkin long before the hottest part of the night!

Mr. San Diego Leather 2011 Kurt has started up a Support-Group for Caregivers for Elderly Parents @ the Center.

Contestants Wanted for August Titleholder Contest

Recent Articles

Thanks to Jim for passing along this nearly-complete listing of officially-sanctioned events in San Francisco this weekend. They left out the stuff at Stompers Boots, so I've included that here.

New, Inexpensive and SUPERB Toy - The Tommy Tomcat - I got proactive and had a new, affordable toy manufactured for your pleasure. The article includes instructional videos and tips.

The audio from Wednesday's excellent "Safe, Sane and NON-Consensual" presentation has now been posted online. Many thanks to Cris for organizing it, Liat for sharing his wisdom and experience, Gabriel for inviting us to be a part of the Stonewall Citizen's patrol, and to Damian for editing-down the audio.

Thanks to Jon for passing along this hilarious commercial.

Upcoming Events

Friday, July 26, 10PM: For all you fellas that can't make it to Dore Alley this year, we are doing a special edition Harness night @ Numbers Bar, at 3811 Park Blvd. Join our Hosts Robb Rodd (Mr San Diego Eagle 2013) and Porn Producer & International Party Boy, Steve Pena for a "in public" themed night of debauchery. To add an extra layer of sex; Jeremy Stevens, will be working the boxes and stalls on stage. DJ Ryno will be pumping the beats. Volgur special edition shirts will be available for purchase. Door by Matt Walker, and 2 for 1 entry if you jump on our box and make out with your cohort in front of everyone upon entry. Who's ready for some fun?

Sunday, July 28, 11am to 6pmUp Your Alley Street Fair in San Francisco. There will be a group of San Diegans traveling together. Here are my Tips for Newbies.

Wednesday, July 31st, 7PM: The Four Phases of Training a Boy, Part Two: FINDING THE BUTTONS, hosted by Papa Tony. Here is the audio from Part 1, Establishing Trust.

July 31-August 5: Lazy Bear Weekend in Guerneville, California

Friday, August 2, 7-9pm: The Best Is Yet To Come, presented by Mr. San Diego Leather 2012 Aaron Duke @ LGBT Community Center of the Desert in Palm Springs

Saturday, August 3 (first Saturday of each month), 4-7PM: Cigars & Boots at Bourbon Street at 4612 Park Blvd - Relaxed, happy, comfortable, serene. Pure brotherhood. Reviews and pictures are here.

Saturday, August 3, 7-10pm: Party Over Here....Eli's 31st Bday bash

Saturday, August 3 (first Saturday of each month), 10PM: BearNight DanceNumbers Bar, at 3811 Park Blvd.

Sunday, August 4th noon-7pm: Leather Realm Volunteer Thank You Pool and Play Party

Tuesday, August 6 (first and third Tuesday of each month), 7PM: Hands-On Demos @ the San Diego Eagle, at 3040 N Park Way. These are utterly safe, relaxed and sociable opportunities to get better-acquainted with the kinky arts.  All are welcome, at all experience-levels. In fact, we encourage beginners, because we make it okay to be clumsy or unsure. We all have to start somewhere!

Wednesday, August 7th, 7PM: The Four Phases of Training a Boy, Part Three: TRAINING, hosted by Papa Tony. Here is the audio from Part 1, Establishing Trust.

August 9-11Mr. Long Beach Leather 2013 Contest Weekend at the Mine Shaft in Long Beach.

Fri - Greet the Meet @ The BRIT - 8PM
Sat - Contest @ 8PM
Sun - Victory Party @ 3PM

Also a Promo Bar Crawl on Friday, Aug. 2. Leaves the Mineshaft @7PM for several stops around LB and LA - $10.00 Will include Contestants/Judges/MC's and friends out for fun on the town on a precontest weekend bar crawl.

More info to follow on all events.

Wednesday, August 14th, 7PM: The Four Phases of Training a Boy, Part Four: GOING FOR THE GOLD, hosted by Papa Tony. Here is the audio from Part 1, Establishing Trust.

Saturday, August 17, 7:30pm @ Birch North Park TheatreFilmOut presents "FIRST PERIOD" - SAN DIEGO PREMIERE!  Director: Charlie Vaughn. Description: If John Waters were to direct a John Hughes film – this outrageous new comedy would be that film! New girl Cassie (Brandon Alexander III) and school outcast Maggie (Dudley Beene) are easily the most unpopular girls at their high school. Together, they decide the way to win the hearts of cute boys and popular girls is to enter--and win--the annual Talent Show. But rivals Heather (Lauren Rose Lewis), other Heather, and their popular boyfriends Dirk (Michael Turchin) and Brett (Leigh Wakeford) will stop at nothing to keep Cassie and Maggie the laughing stock of the school. It's going to take courage, a make over, and maybe even a rap battle to beat them in true 80s style. With Jack Plotnick, Cassandra Peterson & Judy Tenuta! Running Time: 100 min, Unrated Check out the teaser hereGet tickets here.


Get your tickets EARLY.  Limited space for the events. Details here.

Friday, August 23rd, 12 Noon (tentative): Leather Pride Flag Raising

Friday, August 23rd: All events located at the Victory Theater (Center for the Amusing Arts) at 2558 Imperial Avenue (between 25th and 26th Streets, near Golden Hill):

8 pm - 9:30pm: Meet & Greet
9:30 pm - 9:45 pm: Opening Ceremonies
9:45 pm - 11 pm: Celebrate Wish and Aaron at the Cigar Social, with Hors d'oeuvres and drinks

Saturday, August 24th: all three events located at the Victory Theater:

6 pm - 8:30 pm: Mr and Ms San Diego Leather Contest
8: 30 pm - 9:30 pm: High Leather Cocktails with Tray Service and Cigar Social
9:30 pm: Announcement of Mr and Ms San Diego Leather 2013 winners

Saturday, August 24, 11:00pm until 2:00amGear and Grind Leather Victory Dance (Unofficial, but we're going!) @ Bourbon Street at 4612 Park Blvd.

Sunday, August 25th:

11 am - 1 pm - Victory Brunch @ Urban Mo's Bar & Grill at 308 University Ave in Hillcrest
4PM (tentative): Leather Pride Flag Lowering

Saturday, September 14, 2013, 7:30-10pm  "HOT GUYS WITH GUNS" - San Diego Premiere! @ Birch North Park Theater at 2891 University AvePart time actor and full time waiter Danny (Marc Anthony Samuel), still in love with his ex, rich party boy Pip (Brian McArdle), attends a private eye class in preparation for a cop role for which he is auditioning. But when Pip becomes a robbery victim to the “gay sex party bandits,” the two men – despite their unresolved sexual tension - team up as amateur sleuths to solve the crime. As they delve into Hollywood’s gay power world, guns are shot, bodies drop and the two find themselves in one hot gay mess but remain determined to uncover the culprits. Hot Guys with Guns has a script that pops with gay wit and cultural references (“Cops? I am a black man in east L.A. with a dead Mexican on the floor with no head, we can’t call the cops!” as well as a memorable cast of supporting actors (Joan Ryan as Pip’s needy and boozy mom, Trey McCurley as Pip’s red headed boy toy, Alan Blumenfeld as Jimmy, the hard-nosed P.I. instructor, and Darryl Stephens as a friend with a dark secret.

Sunday, September 29, 11am to 6pm:  Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco.  Here are my Tips for Newbies.

San Diego's own Bryan Teague won American Leatherboy in 2010

October 11-13: American Brotherhood Weekend: A Leather Family Reunion in Chicago. Our own Mr. San Diego Leather 2012 Aaron will be running for American Leatherman 2013.

November 7-10Palm Springs Leather Pride

Wednesday, Nov. 13, 7PM: Massive Movie Night @ Birch North Park Theater at 2891 University Ave. Tonight's treat: The funniest gay comedy of all time.

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