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Friday, July 19, 2013

Social Column

We are SO Blessed

We have a LARGE number of folks who have been stepping up, now that I have announced that I am stepping further back.  Here is the audio from the recent discussion that introduced our newest leaders.

Things are expected to get very interesting, starting September 1st, 2013!

Recent Articles

Reviews of SD Pride 2013

Reviews of Cigars & Boots Event

Pride Festival 2013: Photos by Frank Lechner on Facebook.

A Small Town Boy - Fetish Coming-Out Stories

All-American Boy - a ridiculously viral new country-western new song.

"Just take it bitch" – Silly things new Dominants say...

How to Train a Boy, Part 1: "Establishing Intimacy, and Trust with a Capital T" - Audio lecture and discussion from Wednesday, July 17, 2013.  One of the very best topics of our group's history.

FMSD's Statement of Intent - Updated for 2013 and beyond!

"Safe, Sane and NON-Consensual" Presentation, Wednesday, July 24th

Next Movie Night - Best Gay Comedy EVER, Wednesday, Nov. 13.

 Kimpton Hotels REALLY wants our business at Dore Alley and Folsom Street Fair.

Note from Tony: Any business that actively seeks us out, and courts our business deserves an extra look.

Stay & Play with Kimpton This Year

San Francisco is known for many things and fortunately hosting Up Your Alley and the
Folsom Street Fair are two of them. This Summer we hope you'll spend the playful,
fun filled days living it up at the fair in the new gear you've been saving to wear all year.
Then head over to finish off your exotic nights with us, unwinding and letting your real wild side show.

We're offering 20% off at a select few of our hotels that are geared up just for those
planning to un-harness their inhibitions and indulge at the festival.

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