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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Upcoming Events - Pride 2013 Edition

Upcoming Events (just focusing on San Diego Pride this time around - Check here for events past the weekend)

There are a zillion things happening this weekend, but I'm going to focus on the events that I would most enjoy attending, given the energy:


From 10am to 9PM, we will gladly take more help setting up the Leather Realm. We can't promise any more free entry tickets to the Festival, because Pride had no IDEA how many of us would want to help, and we ran into their limit. Still, all volunteers get extra Papa Tony Social Director Points - Come right up to me and grab me in a hug as soon as you arrive! In case you don't know what I look like nowadays, here's a hint...

5PM: Help Decorate the Eagle Float in Hillcrest

There will be a line outside the Eagle on Friday and Saturday nights. Those in military, leather or fetish gear get to jump to the front of the line.


San Diego Pride Parade is this Saturday. The SD Eagle, Leather Realm has invited FetishMenSanDiego to march with them, in one, long, combined contingent. We will need handsome, sexy and lusty fuckers to help carry the FMSD banner… EVERY kind of sexy! That's just how we roll.

SD Eagle Float is # 57-B. Leather contingent is #58-G. Both will be meeting on Normal Street by the flagpole before the parade. Feel free to arrive between 10:00-10:30 a.m if you would like to join in. Please bring drinks, juice, and/or WATER....and some to share if you can. 

Parade kicks off at 11:00. We are guessing we should kick off about 11:30. If not marching but viewing the parade look for us and show your leather support.


The Leather Realm will be in full swing. Educational, playful, and a great way to entice new FMSD members.  There is a HUGE itinerary for both days. The one that I don't want to miss is Mr. San Diego Leather 2012 Aaron Duke telling us what he has learned about our Tribe in his extensive travels to many cities in the last year, starting at 2:30PM on Saturday.

Saturday Leather Realm Workshops at San Diego Pride

Saturday, July 13:
-The Community Awareness Forum #1-(Hand’s on)
1:30-2:30pm Queerie Bradshaw - Writing About Sex for Better Sex (Discussion)
2:45-3:45pm Jason - Flogging: Making a Sensational Impact
4:00-5:00pm Alex Kitay- Erotic Spanking
5:15-6:15pm Mistress Marry - Strap on Madness
6:30-7:30pm Naria - Impact Play

-The Community Awareness Forum #2- (Discussion type -No hands on demo’s)
2:30-3:45pm Aaron Duke - What does it mean to be a leather man in 2013: Optimism is the answer.
4:00-5:30pm Louis and Danielle - From Vanilla to BDSM: Discovering your inner Perv
5:45-7:00pm Travis and Heather - Leather and Sobriety
7:30-9:00 Travis and Heather - Never Alone, Friends of Bill Meeting

FMSD MEMBERSHIP DRIVE:  If you have an Android or iPhone smartphone and are willing to help sit at the FMSD table to sign up new members using this link, there is no set schedule or obligation.  Just look for the banner on top of a table, and sit nearby to answer questions and add them to our group using a simple technique that takes seconds. Any help is greatly desired, but be sure to let me know at 619-804-4627 so that I can connect you to water and snacks.


Sunday Leather Realm Workshops at San Diego Pride

-The Community Awareness Forum #1-(Hands on)
1:00-2:15pm Aaron Duke - Mummification: Bandages, Straps, and Palette Wrap
2:30-3:30pm Pup Phoenix and Kayden - Puppy Play
3:45-4:45pm Olga and blu - Vaginal Fisting
5:00-6:00pm Bikkja Amy - Electrical Play

-The Community Awareness Forum #2- (Discussion type -No hands on demo’s)
12:00-1:15pm Codi - “Sex, Gender and Play”
1:30-3:15pm Cobi - BDSM on a budget
3:30-6:00pm Mistress Melissa - Energy play
6:30-8:00pm - Travis and Heather Never Alone, Friends of Bill Meeting

Teardown, 8PM: A few days ago, I made a request for volunteers to help set up and tear down the annual Leather Realm that will help educate the public during the San Diego Pride Festival this weekend.

We have so many volunteers that we are past the limit of being able to provide free tickets, and the offers are still coming in. 

This is an incredible thing, and so typical of our brotherhood. So many big-hearted men who want to contribute. I am deeply proud of my brothers, and I look forward to working side-by-side with you!

Like I have said before - If you are helping to tear down on Sunday at 8PM, bring a flashlight and some wire-cutters if you have them.  Why? Because we are the only section of the festival that has to HIDE our shameful selves from the general public's eyes ("Won't SOMEBODY think of the CHILDREN?!?!???"), so we have to put up acres of black plastic sheeting over the chain-link fences using plastic ties, and then take it all down again.  If you can't SEE where the plastic ties are that you're cutting, the job is much harder.

I will bring at least three sets of cutters, and a bunch of those glow sticks to help in the process.

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