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Thursday, June 27, 2013

FetishMenSanDiego Will Be Changing

Many factors in FMSD will be adapting as time goes by:

- Leadership in FMSD is going to shift,

- The calendar is going to be adjusting more and more, and

- The style of the newsletter will change.

Why?  Because we need to deal with huge success.

I have spent a lot of time in the last three full years, building FMSD. It is time for me to start shifting to a supportive role for the many, MANY younger, stronger, street-wise younger men that we are blessed with.  This is a joyful, natural step in my life, and I welcome it gladly.

I've had a good run, but now it's time to shift from "CEO" to "Chairman of the Board".  I'm not going away, I'm just making room for the dozens of our finest local men to step up to the plate and have their chance at glory and successful leadership.

My intention has never been to make FMSD "The Tony Show".  If it is going to last long after I'm gone, it needs to be a viable, sustainable entity on its own.

I'm not going away!

The Shaman's Hand

I see myself shifting from "Tribal Leader." into the role of a "Shaman":

- I have an astonishingly keen talent for finding, identifying and nurturing talented individuals.  I plan to keep doing this. We need an ongoing flow of new men who have skills, potential and energy that they will gladly share. I have the observational, intuitive and interpersonal skills to keep this happening.

- I will continue making myself available for counsel, arbitration and feedback.  I know this town, I'm aware of all of the people, organizations, businesses, and our shared history going back almost four decades.  I'm an excellent resource, if asked.  I have zero interest in forcing my opinions upon the new guys that are trying to find fresh answers to old questions. However, I will be easily available if my suggestions are requested.

- I will continue to spot patterns of change in our community, and report upon them.

- I'm going to make myself more available for pubic speaking, emceeing and writing.

- I plan to continue being an advocate for, and instigator of, innovation.

- I will be organizing events periodically, that will continue to be focused upon building Tribal unity and brotherhood.

I have been sharing these thoughts with many people who are rising stars among us. They have already started to step up to fill the leadership gap.  We are greatly blessed going forward!

1 comment:

  1. In the brilliant words of Ms. Vida Boheme: "I think that's healthy!"

    On a more serious note, it takes a very special kind of person to build something up individually and then allow others to contribute. Kudos.