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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Jay's Master's Cap Presentation Ceremony

Photos are by our excellent Event Photographer Scott Smith

On Tuesday, June 12, 2013, I presented my Leather Son Jay with a Muir Cap that was custom-made for him, in front of caring and loving observers at the beginning of the weekly Men's Discussion.

As I said in front of these dedicated witnesses, Jay has proven his worth and his character, many times over. He has transformed his life, his outlook and his relationships with others in manifestly powerful ways. Every day, his growth continues.

I took Jay under my wing months ago, and have had a close-up view of how his life has progressed.  I have given him close, personal coaching on taking ownership of his Mastery.

This training will continue. The relationship continues for the rest of our lives.

I chose to present him with his Master's Cap because I judge him to be ready.  He has eagerly learned everything available to him, and mastered each lesson throughly.  Best of all, when he practices what he has learned, he demonstrates an ease and grace, combined with a technical proficiency that is obvious to anyone who sees him in action.

Seriously, folks - You owe it to yourself to see him go for the gold. He is magnificent. There is no other word for it.

He brings great honor upon our Tribe with his actions, his presence, his kindness and his character. Men like him are causing more men of great worth to be attracted to our brotherhood. San Diego and the larger leather community are greatly blessed with an ever-growing number of men of excellent qualities such as Jay.

My greatest hope is that he will carry this spirit forward, to encourage others in the generations to come.  I treasure the thought that Jay will be a deeply wise, thoroughly respected Elder of our community some day, surrounded by many, many, friends who love him and believe in him, in the exact same way that I do. 

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