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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Welcome Home From IML, Kane, May 31, 2013

Wednesday, May 29 in Chicago. 
Kane arrives and signs in.

A group of us warmly welcomed Kane home after his time competing on stage in Chicago at the International Mr. Leather 2013 contest.  Photo galleries are here.

Thursday, May 30.
Kane gets his orientation and 
chooses his random contestant number.

We sent him off with our love, and now it was time to embrace him upon his return.

Friday, May 31. Stage rehearsal.
That's Kane on the far left.

Being introduced to the audience for the first time.

It was clear from everyone's questions and comments that we are proud of our hometown champion, and that he represents us all. I interviewed Kane and various other men to coax out the impressions that they brought home, both from the viewpoint of a contestant, and of highly-dedicated boosters for our local hero.

Saturday, May 31.
Pecs and Personality
Lobby cruising scene at the host hotel.

It was a great way to achieve completion of a months-long process for Kane, but the best news of the evening was the story that Tom Dickerson brought.  He has spent every single day for months since February, helping Kane to get ready.  Kane requested help, and he certainly got the best help available!

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