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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Leather Pride Flag to Fly During San Diego Leather Pride Weekend Every Year

The HUGE Leather Pride Flag being flown in San Francisco 
at the corner of Castro and Market.  Ours will be just as large, and visible!

Dear All:

We are pleased and excited to announce that for the first time, the Leather Pride Flag will be flown high and beautiful, over Hillcrest at the corner of Normal and University during San Diego Leather Pride weekend, August 23rd-August 25th.

Primary credit for this happening goes to Scottie Tidwell, with the shared vision and support of Aaron Duke, Wish, Robb and Eli.  Please share your love with Scottie when you see him!

Mr. San Diego Leather 2012 Aaron Duke, and
Mr. San Diego Leather 2012 Wish Linda

Mr. San Diego Eagle 2013 Robb Rodd

Mr. San Diego Eagle 2012 Eli

I should also add that the businesses in and around Hillcrest have been huge partners and supporters of the work that we have done this year and the Business Association granted enthusiastic support to fly our flag and participate with us during the ceremonies.

On that note, we would like to raise and lower the Leather Pride flag with a full leather dress color guard.  With all due respect and love, we are asking if the following individuals, who serve as inspiration to many, would honor us and the community by serving as color guard to raise and/or lower the flag:

Sir Tom Dickerson
Sir Jo Blas
Ms. Annie Romano
Sir Mark Holmes
Sir Roadkill
Sir A.J.
Sir Bob Landis
Sir Michael Russell
Sir Brian Lord
Master Donna
Sir Erik Evenson
Master Marcus

In addition to the color guard, the following individuals are requested to participate in a color guard honorary receiving line:

Scottie Tidwell
Aaron Duke
Wish Linda
Robb Rodd
Anthony Rollar
Brian Teague
Papa Tony Lindsey
Karen Yew
Naria Jordan

Although the times are tentative, we are working with the Hillcrest Business Association to confirm and are requesting the following times.  Please indicate whether you are willing and able to participate in either or both of the following flag ceremonies:

Friday, August 23rd, 12 Noon (tentative): Flag Raising
Sunday, August 25th, 4:00 p.m. (tentative): Flag Lowering

Thank you so much for this consideration and for the many ways you provide support and love in this beautiful community.

In Leather...with Love,

Scottie Tidwell
Aaron Duke
Wish Linda

Follow-up from Aaron:

Thank you, each and everyone of you who made a donation to help us pay for the Leather Pride flag. This is truly amazing that our brothers and sisters from around the world (I am for real. There are donations from across the pond), came together in 24 hours to raise the all the funds needed to have the flag fabricated.

Please stay tuned for further information about the flag raising ceremony. We would love ALL of you to attend and share in this historic event with all of us.

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