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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Workshop: The Touch of a Single Tail

Sunday, June 23, 2013 · 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Location: Dungeon V (address provided upon RSVP)
Cost: $10
Dress code: Comfortable clothing or fetish clothing

“The Touch of a Single Tail” will be an opportunity like none ever (that I know of) in San Diego.

It will start with a workshop that covers single tail whips from the short signal whip to the long bullwhip in a SM scene. The presentation will discuss safety, equipment, techniques, and where whips factor into a complete scene.

During the second hour there will be a live demo on volunteers of single tail use (maybe both short and long whips depending upon the volunteers) and an opportunity for people to feel a single tail (short or long) as well as one on one practice (tops throwing single tails on bottoms). If you have a single tail whip for dungeon use, please bring it and if you want to feel the whip dress accordingly or you can undress as needed.

During the last hour there will be time to answer questions about individuals’ whips or to get some one on one coaching on techniques using targets or your bottom if you bring one or just practice in a large space on a target or your bottom. A handout will be provided during the workshop. Participants will need to sign a liability waiver to participate in this workshop.

Workshop leader bio:

Drew, aka, has a PhD in Electrical Engineering and more than a decade of experience in erotic electrical play / electrosex and long and short single tail whip teaching.

Drew, a former Club X Vice President, Club X head Dungeon Monitor, Pantheon of Leather Award Nominee, and 2008 Club X Sentinel of Leather Individual Awardee, has been teaching BDSM topics for more than a decade in the San Diego area other communities with particular emphasis on electrical play and single tail whips. Drew is also known for his BDSM lending library and single tail whip practice in the park in San Diego.

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