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Friday, June 7, 2013

Upcoming Movie Night

I have lobbied hard for the next Movie Night's entertainment, brought to our Tribe by the wonderful folks at FilmOut San Diego:

- In November 2011, we enjoyed CRUISING, which is a gripping mystery thriller.

- In August 2012, we enjoyed KINK CRUSADERS, which is a historical snapshot of the International Mr. Leather Contest.

- In June 2013, we were shown the artsy-short-films of the modern age, centered upon the kink community, including INTERIOR. LEATHER BAR.

In a few months from now (date to be determined), we will go with one of the funniest movies of all time, and that you've probably never heard of:

THE RITZ is every bit as funny (and quotable) as the classic sexual farces such as SOME LIKE IT HOT, but, since it is based in a mid-1970's gay bathhouse, it never took off with the greater hetero public. This will be your chance to see one of the greatest comedy ensembles ever filmed, with crackling dialog and screamingly fun situations that build and build.

Click here for the video clip...

Rita Moreno devours the stage in the best role of several lifetimes, supported by a lot of familiar faces that you will immediately recognize. It's wild, it's smartly-written, and it's all about gay men, coming from the best perspective.

Suffice it to say that this is a BIG item to punch on your Gay Card, and it will show you what New York destination bathhouses were like in the mid-70's. It's historical, it's fcking HYSTERICAL, and it's coming to San Diego sometime soon, just for us.

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