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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Something New In Kink: The FLOG SWARM

Years later, these stories are now being told. 

Friday, June 14, 2013

On this date, a wonderful new, very Tribal form of play was invented by a team of wonderful and kinky gay men.  A last-minute experiment has led to a new tradition.

Here is the concept:

One man is going to be flogged (the "Bottom").  The other one is going to be throwing the flogger around at him (the "Top").  A third man is going to hold the guy being flogged (the "Human Saint Andrew's Cross", or HSAC).

Now, multiply these trios, and place them in some sort of close proximity - we chose to place everybody in a circular format with the Tops on the outside, to enhance the closeness and intimacy of the folks in the middle. We had eight trios, taking up a dance-floor in a bar.

The Swarm begins to form

The drawback was that we simply didn't have enough wooden St. Andrew's Crosses to support four Tops simultaneously.  I suggested that we do the HSAC support-system.

Getting Started

It became clear that many more Tops wanted in on the fun (we could have added even more than we did), and we certainly didn't lack for bottoms or HSAC's.

Many thanks to everyone, whether you were specifically mentioned below or not - Your contribution made this a HUGE success, and it mattered that you were part of our shared Tribal experience. Let's have lots more!

At this point, let's let the attendees talk about it:

Officer Wes (in the glasses)

Officer Wes: We did something special Friday night at our monthly “Harness” leather dance party:  Around 11:30pm, 25 of us gathered near the DJ booth to be part of a “Flog Swarm”; nine Tops on eight bottoms, the bottoms supported by eight human St. Andrews crosses.

The layout looked like this:  All eight of us human St. Andrews crosses formed a big ring, backs to each other, facing out.  The men bottoming faced in, leaning into us.  The flogging Tops were outermost.

I was thankful for this community; many men, some hot, all caring, single and partnered.  The music was good.


Daddy Barry formed another cross, to my right.  He supported Papa Tony’s slave Bob.  Sebastian was his Top and he did some wonderfully rhythmic florentine / double-handed flogging work.  He even had Bob joyously turn around to get flogged on both sides.


I held Timothy’s boy Joe while Timothy flogged him.  I felt the releases into me as the flogging progressed and braced myself to better support.  I watched Timothy’s eyes while he worked Joe.  It was very endearing:  His focus never left Joe.

Dylan gets some love.

When the group flogging was complete a boy named Dylan came up and said "You guys were amazing".  He got flogged :->

Dylan (in the green collar) and Papa Tony, who was in full Border Collie Mode.

Dylan: Ummm.  The past Harness was my first time attending.  I have never actually attended any leather event before.

I am completely new to the world of leather and grow more and more fascinated with it thanks to events like this.

Click here to see Dylan and Eric boogying as Go-Go boys…

I was attending because I had a chance to audition for a gogo position and become a part of the team for every Harness. As I am currently unemployed I jumped at the opportunity.

To make matters even more "Yummm" it seems to me that leather has created a family at Harness and I am excited to return for the next. Hopefully I will be employed as well.

Brian being flogged

Brian: I have never experienced the sharing on Harness night in a special night connecting to someone and the group of sexy hot leather men. I am feeling good to be part of a caring, like-minded group of sexy men who are willing to explore, grow and share.

Jay S, Damian and Alex, taking good care of their bottoms.

Jay S: Having my concentration upon the boy before me as we started, I had not noticed the movements of the Swarm until Tony took his rightful place with flogging our shared bottom-boy.
When I stepped back, I saw a Swarm in sync.  I felt as if my mouth dropped open. It was an exhilarating site to behold. I had to stand there for a while, admiring and being proud to be part of this artistic human symphony. I saw trust, comradery, pride, acceptance...

sub danny: The experience of being in a "flog swarm" takes the sense of tribal sharing to a whole new level. My few experiences of being flogged, while in a semi-public venue, were very focused on myself and the flogging Top. By having leather brothers as the anchors or supports for the flogging bottoms (in lieu of a cross or other stationary object) and creating the concentric circles of human supports, flogging bottoms and flogging Tops, a unique flow of shared energy was created. As a music lover, the synchronized rhythm of the flogging was particularly seductive and the intimacy of looking into your "human support's" eyes or glancing over at the leather brother next to you sharing in the impact play made for a very intense session. This is definitely a phenomenon that everyone should experience.

A THOROUGHLY endorphinated slave bob.

Slave bob:  I was very happy to be part of the flog-swarm.  Even more so when I found out Sebastian would be flogging me.  And then when Daddy Barry was assigned to be my 'holder', knew I was gonna have a great time!

I only had a few seconds to enjoy the sounds of floggers on other guys' backs before I felt one on my own.  After that, the sound of others being flogged quickly faded into background noise.

Bob, held by Daddy Barry, and flogged by Sebastian
That's Dylan in the red striped socks.

The music was wonderfully appropriate for the scene, and Sebastian's matched the rhythm perfectly.  I quickly let go and allowed Sebastian to work his magic on my back!  Daddy Barry kept raking my back and sides with his nails, keeping me ever-so-slightly over-stimulated so I couldn't slide completely into sub-space and forcing me to remain just this side of full consciousness.   (Such a cruel, evil Sir!)

After seeing the photos and video Scott took, I'm even more amazed! All those men being flogged by all those men!  Amazing!

Clockwise from upper left:
Officer Wes, Joe, Timothy and Dylan

Timothy: The best thing about the flogging swarm was that all those boys went into sub-space, which put me into Sir-space.  I was so high on endorphins I slept like a baby.  

Joe: From the time you walked into Numbers and checked your street clothes at the door, you could feel the energy teeming throughout the bar. Doms partnered with subs and human crosses gathered for a moment to discuss how best to coordinate the flog swarm, and, beneath the pulsing dark, circled. With my arms around my new friend and support, Wes, I relaxed my back in anticipation of the first deer-skinned blow of my Sir's flogger. Before ending the night, I will have surrendered to be flogged, caned, and whipped—and held up another young newbie surrendering to his own exhilarating experience of the sensation.

Joe getting some personal attention from Timothy later on…

And while the sight of Harness Night's exhibition of might have caused some onlookers to flinch and/or clench, no one could deny the spirit of friendliness, camaraderie, and community that brought us together: to celebrate our natural, dynamic maleness. 

Damian Being Masterful

Damian: I had only recently learned the basics of flogging from Papa Tony a few days prior to the flog swarm. And during the harness party found myself in the middle of a scene the caliber of which I have never witnessed let alone been a part of.

To be honest, every fiber of my body wanted to decline the invitation but Ron, Aaron, Alex, Papa Tony and 20 other great men were so inviting and accepting that I forced myself to set aside my reservations.

The cycle of emotions I experienced were similar to jumping out of a plane of the first time. Nervous and sick to your stomach until it actually started. And then a flood of serene exhilaration when you finally let go and become present to the scene.

Never before had I met a cooler group of guys that were willing to trust and include me. I am very fortunate to have FMSD as a part of my journey.

Patrick: The energy created by the group was positive and synergistic. I entered into the
Group early in the evening and woke from the dynamic trance only after everyone had left for the evening. How pure and true is that.

Brotherhood, Bonding, Friends, Touch, Sharing, Communal Energy.  Simple truths but elusive goals in all our daily lives.  Until now.

Patrick's red back, with Damian laying down a very nice pattern

Hi, my name is Patrick and I am a Flogging Bottom.  I have shared my personal story (condensed version) with many in the FMSD family, both individually and during the Wednesday evening Men's discussion group.  My purpose in sharing my life experience and perspective is to facilitate an understanding of the importance flogging holds for me.

Flogging is my release into ethereal freedom, transcending the physical reality into pure endorphinated pleasure.  And for me that has typically been defined as an individual pursuit, except for the participation and input from the Flogging Top.  I seek this release as one of the few true means of allowing myself to actually connect with my deepest feelings and energy (aside from the more obvious outlets).  I have not been able to bridge the protective walls I have built around myself in any other way as effectively as I can via Flogging or similar means.  And I have only been able to do so as a solo experience, alone in my thoughts, alone in the moment, only connected to the individual facilitating the experience with and for me.

Alex flogging Patrick

But that all changed Saturday night at the Harness Party.  I knew the Four Horsemen event was planned and I intended to participate assuming it would be multiple Flogging Tops performing on an individual basis.  I was so wrong. It never occured to me that someone (thank you Alex and company) could dream up a group sharing dynamic that would bind the energy of multiple Flogging Tops and Flogging Bottoms, matched with human St. Andrew crosses and create a synergistic experience more powerful and effective than anything I had seen or felt before.  But they did.

It seemed innocent enough.  As I listened to the description of the planned event and watched as Tops, Bottoms and Crosses were matched together I began to sense the potential.  I was still skeptical of the probable theatrics versus the hoped for outcome.  Only when we were staged together on the dance floor, strategically positioned, poised and instructed in unison to begin, did I fully understand the power of the moment.  I let myself flow into my cross, I relaxed into the session, I could sense the Flogging to my left and right, I could feel the pure release not just of myself but collectively throughout the group.  It was amazing.  I slipped into a trance of freedom and let everything go.

Mr. San Diego Leather 2012 Aaron Duke

I was euphoric, and free, and happy.  And insatiable. I was a beaming light sending and receiving energy all around the room.  At times I could only smile.  I had no other means of expression.  And in this space I didn't walk alone.  I stood side by side with my brothers.  We hugged, we shared, we bonded, and it was beautiful.  Everyone was perfect just as they were.

Of course, being the Flogging Bottom I am, my next true memory was slowly emerging from my deep flog trance at 1:00 or 1:30 in the morning and realizing it was time to go home to bed.  I had expended everything I had, immersed myself in the evening, given my physical form over to the continued release for the rest of the night.  I was completely fulfilled (with flogging). And it was magical.

Thank you to everyone that dreamed this experience, planned it and made it work.  Thank you for sharing and allowing me to participate.  Thanks to Damian, the creative and expressive Flogging Top that maintained the level of energy and sharing throughout the evening for myself and my compadre Michael.  Too beautiful.  Thank to all for pulling me away from my protective center of consciousness and showing me the freedom of Brotherhood, Bonding, Friends, Touch, Sharing, and Communal Energy.  Simple truths but elusive goals in all our daily lives.

Jay's gloved hand caressing his boy Alan.

Jay P: It was a great experience to be flogging at a public event of this scale. You could feel the energy and the connection that each top had with their bottoms, this also includes our "human" Saint Andrews cross.

I also experienced a deeper connection with my boy, holding him while he was getting flogged. The power exchange was amazing!!!

Alan: My experience of the Flog Swarm: There was a bit of nervous energy involved for me, a few first experiences for me.

Being held, by my man, while being flogged was very interesting. At some point he started to respond and get into the experience. He drew me in closer. That was a flow I was not expecting. Quite nice actually. Later that night Jay held me while Sebastian flogged me. Jay felt what was coming from Sebastian as well as me. He needed more aftercare than me.

Back to the Swarm. I basically tried to relax, breathe and let my body react. There was a lot going on, so it was a mixture of trying to focus on what was happening with the three of us and still get a sense of what was happening around us. I wonder what it would be like if all the bottoms were supporting each other in a circle, maybe with a couple of men in the center just in case, what would happen. Just a thought.

LeatherSir Ron (far left) flogs Brian.

Jon (who arrived after the Swarm): Strong evidence of The Harness Party's massive demo success hung in the air thicker than the fog from the DJ booth. My brothers were hanging on each other like happy drunks. Everyone had the exquisitely sated expression of a guy who just got laid for the first time.

Jay Palmer was visibly worn out and sore from a night of hard work with his flogger. A couple of subs (myself included) hoped Jay would rally for a bit and started dutifully kneading all of the muscles in his right arm. It took Jay a moment to adjust to that level of hands-on attention, but he managed to muddle through somehow. Much to our delight, he recovered nicely. Jay rewarded us with a generous, expertly delivered, and much-enjoyed round of blows to each of our backs. What a blast!

The spectators wanted very badly to be invited in.
Perhaps some day we can find a way to make that happen.



We shall live again
  We shall live again
    We shall live again
We shall live…

Michael, shirtless in the blue jeans

The chant of the Ghost Dance flickered
inside me as the tribe,
moving in tangent
In primal instinct
choreographed purpose
entered the ceremonial floor.
Chest punch drums outlined the occurrence.
Love, affection, and desire moved limbs
intertwining, supporting, touching deep.
A circle took form.
Glances were the first strike of ceremony;
Some familiar, some new
Some sparked with adventure
Some seductive with desire
All golden wide open and expressing
The tide of the brotherhood fire.
The flesh crosses held strong.
The receivers melted into offered strength,
Flesh molded together and with great power…
The Shaman held the holy space
Touching each softly.
Leather and steel glimmered
In the dim light
As the strands trailed softly
Mapping the territory
Of the first hit.
A collective sigh, gasp, breath
Rushed the circle.
The strength of the percussion
Danced with the drums.
Strikes hit hard
Then soften
Grew heavy and deep.
The circle vibrates
Into transubstantiation…
The circle becomes one.
Drums take on a gentle beat
The leather seems to caress
And arms held so strong
So long
Now spread out and collect
The simple power of


May 22, 2014:  Men Gather To Practice For The Next Flog Swarm

Each of these men attended Papa Tony's classes, to learn how to flog.  

We gathered together to make sure that everybody was ready for the upcoming Flog Swarm.

Gathering the toys

Drummers Practicing

Rather than using CD's to play music, our brother Jason suggested using drummers.  It turned out to be a perfect match for a very Tribal Flog Swarm.

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