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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pre-Movie "Gear Invasion" Dinner @ R Gang Eatery, June 1, 2013

We need to do something this wonderful every year.

Ian, with Tom and Jim, 
our brothers from Desert 
Fetish Authority in Palm Springs

Our gracious (and highly efficient and focused) host for the evening was our own Ian, who handled everything so that everybody else could just relax, enjoy the camaraderie and food, and be a part of a comfy crew of kinksters!

The servers went wild over us, and the straight couples upstairs were fascinated with us - Not as some sort of freak show, but because we had such a palpable aura of calm acceptance and mutual respect.

I keep saying this, but it's true - This is how we are treated EVERYWHERE that we go, nowadays.  We are no longer shunned, and cast aside as sinners.  We set the STYLE, and everybody wants us around!

We were being perfect examples of how men can be when we are at our best.

Ian very kindly led everyone in a message of support for our brother James, who was finally home after being in Afghanistan for too long. James is home now, at long last.

Here is the video of Ian helping us all wishing James a speedy and safe trip home...

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