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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tonight's Plans to be a Part of History...

UPDATE: We Will be Starting at the FLAG in Hillcrest at 5PM… Not at the Center.  The flag is at the corner of Centre Street and University in Hillcrest. I will see you there. 

They will have speakers starting at 5:45, and then we head over to the Center.

The celebration at the Center starts at 7PM.

I'm going to bring the club banner, since so many other groups will be bringing theirs. I will need banner carriers for the march!

Previously, we had all sorts of plans for the evening tonight.

That's all superseded by tonight's historic rally and march in Hillcrest.  Now that marriage is legal in California, and the federal Defense of Marriage Act is defeated, it's time to celebrate, and to REPRESENT our Tribe:

Everybody can get married if they want to, now, 
just as my husband Dennis and I did! 
EVERYBODY deserves to be this happy!

Starting at 5PM, I will be at the Hillcrest GLBT Center at 3909 Centre Street. If people want to gather together for the march or rally, text me at 619-804-4627.  I will copy-and-paste updates in return.

I will be out in full gear, representing our proper, proud existence as honorable members of San Diego's community.  

Please join us!  You don't have to be all duded-up in formal gear, but please wear it if you've got it...

Here is Ian's write-up:

Because we are a group that can move with the currents of celebration, Mr. San Diego Leather Aaron Duke, our returning Leather Brother, Jimmy James and Papa Tony are encouraging all Fetishmen to don their gear and join the celebration rally at the San Diego LGBT Center!  With so many recent breakthroughs in our exposure to the general LGBTQ population, this is a great opportunity to come out in force.

As I understand, being at The Center at 5pm will allow us to take place in the march and rally, but please stay tuned for updates. Papa Tony will be monitoring the event schedule, so please use him as a point of contact. Also, because everyone does not check the page regularly (or may not have FaceBook) please share this info liberally with your brothers! It is better that they be told three times by friends than to miss out on this occasion!

Please remember to don your CLASSY (not trashy) gear :-P

See you tonight!!!

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